Tuesday, February 14, 2006


I've been having fun contributing to other people's Johari Windows. Given that I've only been blogging a short time, I don't really feel comfortable asking my readers their impressions -- perhaps you don't really have impressions yet?

Instead, I'll offer an observation -- the same site, if you scroll down to the bottom and read the tiny print, includes a Nohari Window, where you can select what you perceive as your negative attributes, and see if others feel the same. The adjectives in the Nohari window are supposedly antonyms for those in the Johari window, but I'd take issue with a few, and I suspect it's partly because I don't agree with the categorization of the Johari adjectives as all positive.

I don't believe that the antonym of "religious" is "unethical," for example. Or that the antonym of "proud" is "embarrassed. ("Embarrassed," by the way, is one of the negative attributes I would have selected for myself, if I were playing the game, as is "aloof.") Or that "childish" is necessarily a bad thing.

Next up, in honor of Valentine's Day tomorrow: why I am not married.

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