Thursday, February 02, 2006

who'm I, in brief

So far this blog has been primarily about the "grad student" half of the "grad student/musician" self-identifier at the top of the page. More or less self-explanatory: I'm in the post-M.A. coursework stage of a Ph.D. in a literature department.

What about the "musician" half? Well, I'm what you might call a singer-on-the-side: I get paid to sing in a mixed pro/volunteer choir, and for church gigs now and then, and I've occasionally toyed with the idea of pursuing singing as a career. I still take lessons when I can. Optimally, I'd like to blog about my musical experiences as well, although I realize this will probably entail providing more context for readers than the academic side of things. Just kick me if I start rambling about, say, the gorgeousness of Peter Kooy's sexy baritone voice or Baroque performance practice...

perhaps perfunctory, but that's at least an introduction. and I feel less pressure to be scintillating after the kitten-eating of yesterday. *burp*


jo(e) said...

I want to hear about the musical experiences.

kermitthefrog said...

thanks jo(e)! they'll be coming soon.