Thursday, March 02, 2006

Schoooool's. Out. For. Ever.

Well, not really. Just for "spring break." Rather oddly named, given that the first day of spring isn't for 2 1/2 more weeks (the very day of my American Lit oral exam, in fact). Also given that it unfortunately won't be such a break for me - I'll be studying for the exam most of that time.

But I'll be in NY, and probably not blogging quite as much. In addition to studying, I'll be using my time in the city to build up my alcohol tolerance again; I had a rude awakening last night after getting pretty buzzed off of 2 1/2 beers in a couple of hours. Must activate liver enzymes more frequently.

[Exit, singing, "Schoooool's been blown -- to -- pieces...."]

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