Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sunday afternoon meme

First seen at New Kid's, a pre-BBQ meme.

I am 50% done with this semester's paper-writing, as of this morning (plus some footnote-fixing)
I want to be 100% done with paper-writing.
I wish that I had a digital camera to post my peepers online.
I hate that my German Housemate is leaving in a week (sniff).
I love that I get to throw him an intimate, let's drink-ourselves-under-the-table going-away party.
I miss being able to walk around the corner to the supermarket 24-hours a day, as I could in NY.
I fear
the advent of the new housemates, who (in my worst fantasies) will be in the common areas 24/7, which now are (generally) peaceful and quiet.
I hear great things about Jonathan Franzen, but I've never been able to get into him.
I wonder how many beers I will drink at this afternoon's departmental BBQ.
I regret writing a mean story about a kid in my class in eighth grade, and reading it aloud in English class.
I am not
usually one who mocks others, but I was trying to be cool.
I dance
less than I'd like, but it takes a combination of groovy music and groovy people.
I sing
for cash, sometimes.
I cry
when I'm angry.
I am not always
as socially graceful as I'd like.
I make with my hands
disappointingly halting music on the piano.
I write
my best when I have extended stretches of time to type, check email, type, read blogs, type, get something to eat, etc...
I confuse
people when I tell them I taught math last summer.
I need
get out of the house and bike to this BBQ.
I should
finish the footnotes on this paper, but only after I have drunk several beers and eaten a couple burgers.
I start
counting backwards from 40 when I'm lying in bed trying to sleep.
I finish
what I start (unless it's that scarf I started knitting a couple months back).
I tag
anyone who, like me, is afraid they won't get tagged. Consider yourself "it."


luckybuzz said...

These made me laugh--especially your "I hear."

Have a good time at the BBQ!

Scrivener said...

You sing for cash? What kind of singing? What kind of cash?

kermitthefrog said...

Preferably euros, given the comparative weight of the currency. :)

seriously, it probably deserves a post of its own, so perhaps I'll post later in more detail.