Sunday, May 21, 2006

nerdiness x 3

1. I just overheard a conversation going on in my hallway between two soon-to-be housemates that included the sentence:

"I'm not using my elemental skills as a Druid; I'm going mostly for animal
and shape-shifting skills."

2. I then realized that I actually knew what this conversation was about: the addictive computer game Diablo II. The pleasure of recognition was accompanied by the realization that I might be as big a dork as they are.

3. When I started talking to the aforementioned guys, it emerged that one of them is going to be a sophomore at the institution where I'm at grad school. He said he took this really good literature class last semester, and had I taken it? I tried as subtly as possible to convey the message that I don't TAKE those classes, I TEACH those classes. But it might be a long year.


lucyrain said...

I can't make you feel better about items 1 and 2. But, by god, be thrilled by item 3! Every once in a while, I'm mistaken for an undergrad. But those moments are happening less and less. Seriously, I'm gonna miss those days.

kermitthefrog said...

Oh, I'd already mentioned I was a grad student. But thanks for bringing in the charitable interpretation. :)