Tuesday, May 02, 2006

When is a graduate student like a freshman?

Attention shoppers, there is a special on self-righteous whining in aisle 3.

It's yours for only $3.99 + tax, this discounted Kermit (tm) brand rant:

I have become the enabler of GRAD STUDENT LAZINESS.

I received an email just now from my fellow TA. In its entirety:
Will you be there to pick up the papers--wd you be able to put mine in my box? I can't believe we have to do this still... By the way, when are the grades due?
These questions have both been answered twice in past emails. This is not unique -- I've been more and more frequently been asked questions by the two other TA's in the class about organizational issues we've already discussed.

Aren't we supposed to be complaining about UNDERGRADUATE inattentiveness to course policies and due dates? GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER.

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