Wednesday, June 07, 2006

X-Men review (incl. spoilers)

I saw the third X-Men movie last night. As someone who hasn't read any of the comics (though now I'd like to), I found it entertaining enough to have spent $9.50 on. Plus, we drove out to a multiplex in the suburbs, where it was playing on 5 of the 10 screens -- after living in cities for a long time, simply going to a place where there's so much room is like a vacation. Plus we stopped at a Wendy's drive-thru window and got Frosties afterward.

Back to the movie -- I didn't notice that much stylistic difference between this one and the previous two, despite reviews to the contrary. What was noticeable was the problematic situations of the female characters -- one loses her mutant powers to have sex with her boyfriend, but not because he's pressuring her, because it's what she wants; another kills her boyfriend and is then killed by the other man who loves her because her unconscious powers are just too uncontrollable, all the while wearing shiny purple-red Edwardian garb. Plus, the Magneto vs. Charles Xavier factions got turned into Goths vs. Preps. Everyone wearing dark clothing, leather and piercings -- you must be amoral or worse! Go to the bad campsite! Everyone wearing sweaters -- you're OK! Go to school!

That said, the movie was pretty entertaining, especially Ian McKellen. That guy can act his way out of any kind of bag you put him in. And Hugh Jackman was quite good as well, although I'd take issue with his character's repositioning as a supporter of the Charles Xavier way, rather than a borderline, reluctant participant.

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Jane Dark said...

This is actually good to hear. I was tempted to see it in Rome, but it wasn't in English, and I wasn't willing to take Ian McKellen dubbed in. Now it's playing down the street, and would be the perfect thing to break my vestigial jetlag (I get exhausted at 8 and wake up at 4...)

Thank you.