Wednesday, August 30, 2006

frustrations and release

I can't really say I know what it feels like to wake up every morning to go to a job you hate. I did have a rather boring job for a year, but it was pretty tolerable. The rest of the time, I've been in school or had part-time employment. But waking up every morning for half a day of writing instructor training, I know what it feels like to want to turn down good money just out of spite.

The head of the writing program spends all her time persuading us to use the university-endorsed method, and indoctrinating us therein, while assuring us that it's perfectly all right if we don't use it. Only problem is we've had absolutely no training in how to do anything else. Add to that a series of longer-than-they-should-be presentations on things like how to teach description and summary, or why group work is good for your class - all topics that might be useful were it not for the monotony of those presentations. I leave each morning feeling like I'm unqualified for this work, except I know it's not me. It's the anxiety of our program director spilling over into my brain.

Luckily, I've gotten positive feedback and comments on my syllabus from more experienced grad student instructors. Plus this afternoon included a successful Salvation Army trip (a moderately faded but still wearable black sweater for $5) and a slightly successful tennis lesson from my boyfriend. And homemade mushroom risotto for dinner. That last was the most relaxing; nothing like stirring one pot for 20 minutes to rhythmically set your mind at rest.

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Jane Dark said...

Yay for mushroom risotto!

I completely understand your frustrations with your program director -- our program was a bit better at encouraging us to do it their way at first, and then branch out.

If you want to ask about specific activities or practices and alternative methods, feel free to email me at janedark at gmail.