Wednesday, September 06, 2006

"Cookie-cutter tripe"

The best phrase from an in-class student paper describing his high-school writing experience. I couldn't do anything other than imagine this visually, which rather disgusted me, as open as I am to new eating experiences.

My first day teaching proved anticlimactic, as there was no time to do anything other than introduce ourselves, discuss the syllabus and (mine and their) expectations for the course, and have them write a bit about their past writing experience. (I'm teaching 3 50-minute classes/week, as opposed to the more common 2 80-minute classes.) They all come across as reserved but positive about the course, and none of their in-class writing betrayed serious issues with constructing sentences, comprehensibility, etc.

What's grabbing my attention much more right now is my reading-for-pleasure book, which deserves a separate entry, so stay tuned.

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