Monday, September 11, 2006

Fast/slow meme

An appealing meme created by Jane Dark:

Are you fast or slow?
Fast. I like feeling the wind in my hair as I up the speed on my bicycle on the way to campus. I have to concentrate on whatever I'm reading, or I end up skimming it inattentively, even if it's "good literature." Before the latest liquid scare, I always traveled with carry-on luggage to get out of the airport as quickly as possible.

If your answer above was fast, name five things that you like to do slowly, or have learned to do slowly, and vice-versa.

1. Cook. I enjoy chopping up lots of vegetables while listening to music, or putting a pot on to simmer for the whole afternoon.

2. Catch up with friends. It's frustrating to encounter people once in a while, usually when we converge on NY at the same time, and have only an afternoon in a coffee shop.

3. Choose what to wear, when there's no time pressure and I'm dressing up for a particular occasion.

4. Write. Over the past two years, I've become more and more appreciative of those times when writing can exist to mull over, to think about, revise and return to, without seminar deadlines. I suppose that means I'm looking forward to writing a dissertation.

5. Browse in bookstores. I'll find a book and start reading it, on the floor or (at B&N) in an armchair. Only possible when I go into a bookstore by myself, usually to get out of a bad mood, and find myself sucked into a book I'd never buy, but relish reading half of.


Jane Dark said...

Wow, someone liked it. And I was just creating it for therapy. I do that same thing in B&N.

Although, crikey, given my desire to procrastinate tonight, I ought to add "getting things done" to my own entry. Except that it's not a thing that I *like* doing slowly.

kermitthefrog said...

I know, but I did like the original question, and you called it a meme, so I figured I'd take you at your word!