Sunday, December 17, 2006

F is for...

Letter meme, courtesy of Pilgrim/Heretic! Ten things I love that begin with F:

1. Friends. The ones who surprise you by changing and the ones who stay the same. The ones who threw the fun cocktail party I attended last night, the ones visiting from out of town who I brought to the cocktail party. And the bloggy ones, of course.

2. Family. Sister's coming home from China for the holidays; parents are returning from the trip to see her; boyfriend and I are traveling to Baltimore to spend Christmas with his parents, sister and brother-in-law, and niece and nephew. And I'm excited to see all of them!

3. Films. Really, movies, because "films" implies I only like art house flicks.

4. French cooking. I think I might like cooking French food more than going to French restaurants, because making it implies buying fun new ingredients and spending much less on a decent bottle of wine.

5. Flying. Including speeding down hills on my bike and hang-gliding (only done it once, down a medium-size sand dune, but would love to try it again). Even including airplane flights, since they're the way I visit far-away people and places.

6. Feet. Walking is my preferred way to get to know a new city; hiking vacations are some of my favorites (as long as there's a shower at the end of the day).

7. Fantasy[and sci-fi] novels. Best for those days, or nights, when I'm just tired of literary analysis. Preferably kids' or young adult fiction, although I've found a few adult authors I enjoy as well.

8. Feline members of the household. Hey, circumlocution is allowed, right?

9. Figuring. That is, math. Problem-solving is one of my strong suits, and I miss the clarity and procedural definition of solving equations...

10. Fruit. Honestly, I can't say I love this one, but up until about 5 years ago, I wouldn't really touch fruit. I had decided that I disliked all fruit early in childhood and wouldn't budge (perhaps, the family hypothesizes, an aversion to esters?). Boyfriend has been steadily encouraging me to like fruit, though, and I have discovered many that I enjoy, especially the delicious tropical kind. But bananas (plain) still gross me out.

update: Oh, yeah. I am supposed to ask whether anyone wants me to give them a letter!


luckybuzz said...

Excellent list. I especially like "feet" and "feline members..." :)

Pilgrim/Heretic said...

Hang gliding! Cool!!! (I liked "feet" too.)

Bardiac said...

I'm so jealous of the hang-gliding!!!!!

I would have just put food (instead of specifying French Food)... and Faustus! :)

kermitthefrog said...

Hang gliding is one of many reasons why North Carolina beaches are excellent. Go to Kitty Hawk and you can jump down a giant sand dune with wings attached to your back!

Jane Dark said...

I'm jealous of your hang-gliding experience. And I love flying in much the same way.

SK said...

On the fruit entry: did I tell you I'm eating fruit now too? I think it's something about hitting 20, now it tastes good. Especially apples and oranges. (Yeah, boring, right?) But raw bananas are still gross. :)