Thursday, February 08, 2007

It's not even spring, but love is in the air

There are now a total of four couples living in the two conjoined houses where I also live. This is because, as I found out tonight, two individual roommates seem to have become a couple... they are both slight of stature and very cute, so physically at least they make a good match, one light, one dark. Before I start rhapsodizing, though, this all is making me even more impatient for the moving-to-NY day.

In fact, there's a very slim chance that boyfriend/we will be moving to a new NY apartment in just a couple of weeks -- his university offers students a chance to switch apartments in February and March. We'd be looking for a larger 1-BR than we have now. So we've applied for the February lottery, and we'll find out next week whether we have a chance to move or not... if not, there's March, and if that doesn't work out, we'll be thrown out into the NY housing market, notoriously chilly and unpleasant.

Whatever. I just want a place that is half mine, no more no less, and big enough for us both to work in.

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