Sunday, February 25, 2007

A note on the Oscars

The Oscars - kind of boring. But the acrobats who create human sculptures of iconic moments or emblems from some of the films? Awesome. I must get some for my next conference presentation.


jane dark said...

Wow, now I wish I'd been watching. It sounds like they could be useful in discussing Blake. Wonder if there are any in NYC in March?

Actually, what I'm sorry I missed is (apparently?) Eastwood translating for Morricone.

kermitthefrog said...

I couldn't tell whether he translating on the spot, or reading a translation of a speech that Morricone had already submitted to the Academy, if that's any comfort.

Bardiac said...

I thought he was reading a rough translation, personally. Morricone was getting a lifetime achievement award, so he definitely knew it was coming, and had time to prepare his remarks.

And the awards does run at least one rehearsal, I think.

I thought the Gore music overtaking the announcement bit was really funny.

I only caught one of the people shape things, the snakes on an airplane one, but it was totally cool. I'd love to see more of that group.

ps. Kermit, you're one smart froggy!

kermitthefrog said...

hey, I'm not sure what prompted that (certainly not my ignorance of Italian...), but thanks!