Thursday, March 15, 2007

Major changes afoot!

We won the housing lottery at my boyfriend's university! Next Tuesday, we look at floor plans and apartment descriptions and choose three apartments to view that day. Wednesday, he goes to the office with a ranking of the three apartments and hopes that they're still available when our lottery number is called (we don't have a bad number at all, in fact). If so, we have to move within a week of next Wednesday. Really, he has to move: I don't have much stuff in that apartment at all at this point. But there are movers to be hired and crates upon crates of books to pack, so I'll be working along with him, if all goes well.

The reason we're moving is that we need an apartment where both of us can work. I'm not 100% sure that I'll be working at home full-time: especially if we're living near his campus, I expect I'll be working in libraries a fair amount. But we both have books and computers that we need space for, and I refuse to have them take up the greater part of the living room. The perfect apartment would be a 1-br plus study, and I'm tighly crossing my fingers that one will be on offer.

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Jane Dark said...

Hurrah! I will cross my fingers for you -- and it was lovely meeting you today...I'm sorry I had to leave so quickly!