Sunday, March 04, 2007

"Spring break"

Although I'm on spring break, I don't expect the coming week to be work-free. I've brought along several books, and hope to check a couple more out of the local library, and I'd like to get the majority of my class planning for the next few weeks out of the way (updating handouts, finalizing details of assignments, etc.). Boyfriend is not on spring break, so it won't be quite as tempting to completely veg out, even though we've already watched three episodes of Battlestar.

But it's amazing how relaxing it feels to be without a set schedule, in a shared homey apartment with good company. Although I'll be working, and I'm still under some pressure from my exam and teaching, I'm relaxed, able to take strolls around the city with friends and to cook long-simmering dishes. I know I'll be biting my tongue when summer and fall roll around, but if this is anything like what it's like to be on dissertation fellowship, count me in.

The one concern I have is, as I was telling Oldest Friend earlier this afternoon, all of my current friendships are based on physical proximity or routine. Even leaving aside the question of how well I'll keep in touch with current grad school friends after I move to NY, I'm concerned that without some regular activity I'll become something of a hermit. I'll have to think about ways around this: singing could be one answer, if I can find a regular non-church group; so could meeting other academic or self-employed friends for work sessions, or forming/joining study groups with people from my boyfriend's department. But I haven't yet strategized about how best to maintain social relationships away from my own university setting.

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