Monday, October 22, 2007

academic structuring

1. Dr. B. Hussy is facilitating a round of International Dissertation Writing Month (InaDWriMo) in November. I'm planning to get a lot of background reading and research done in the remainder of October, and start writing the first chapter in November. I'm planning to submit a conference proposal then as well. So I'm aiming for a (comparatively) modest 12,250 words over the course of the month--that adds up to around 40 pages of dissertation writing, plus the 250-word proposal. Those 40 pages will constitute most of the chapter, and at least get me to a point where I can use some of the material I wrote for a seminar last year to round it out. And it won't feel modest to me at the end of the month, if and when I get it done! This means a lot of research for the rest of October. And a lot of structuring: I know in general terms how the chapter will be organized, and have written a broad outline, but there's some theoretical background I'm not sure where to incorporate.

2. Impulse buy of the month: a used laptop off of eb@y (a corporate lease that was returned, so it's a few years old, but a model that's gotten great reviews). I'm hoping to take it to the library to take notes on all those sources, rather than checking out stacks of books I don't really need on a daily basis.

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