Thursday, November 08, 2007

academic eye strain

I.e. the worsening of vision that takes place after too many accumulated hours in front of a computer screen.

I had my annual eye exam this afternoon. Things were looking grim as to a prescription change; then the lights came on and I put my glasses back on my face. The gruff-but-kindly eye doctor said, "Look, I'll show you how things will be better now. Can you read this?" and put up on the screen a line that had seemed unintelligible when viewed through the lenses of the diagnostic apparatus.

"Yes," I said, and proceeded to rattle off the letters. He was nonplussed. Apparently my glasses allow me to see with an improbably level of clarity, at my current prescription. So I'm getting a pair of trial contacts that are a bit worse, and we'll see what they do; my current fear is that my eyes will continue to get marginally worse every year of my life, even though they're supposed to stop changing when you're what? 25?


jane dark said...

Oh, you have reminded me that I got a postcard this summer reminding me that I was due for an eye exam, and I cringed and ignored it.

Do you *feel* as though your current glasses aren't working? I can't quite tell, from your post. But oh, I have the same worry, and I do hope things brighten up (no pun intended)

kermitthefrog said...

They work OK, given that I wear contacts most of the time. I was there mainly to get that prescription renewed.

KM said...

I don't get it -- is it that the "improbably clear" prescription was going to make your eyes lazy?
Opthalmologists have their own logic, I've discovered.