Monday, November 26, 2007

Bullets of creeping

  • Though still getting over my sickness, I did manage to push the word-o-meter up a bit just now.
  • Too bad November, Writing Month, was also Sickness Month and Repeated Travel Month. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like I'll meet my original word goal by the 30th.
  • Although I forgot that it's possible I'll be pasting in a chunk of this chapter from an already-written paper. Well, not literally pasting in, but enough so that at some point the chapter may suddenly get a lot longer.
  • My new, and I think feasible goal, is to have a patched-together monster of a chapter by the time I leave to visit family for the holidays, Dec. 16.
  • "Patched-together monster" = chapter that is still not comprehensible to anyone else but me, but which I can print out, bring with me, and mark up/rearrange heavily while I'm away. Hopefully resulting in a draft that it's possible to show other people by mid-Jan.
  • At this point, it's easier not to think about showing other people anything, ever, since I can't currently look at what I've already written without shuddering a bit. I should say that my ultimate goal is shudder-less prose, which generally means I've written something respectable.
  • My inner standards aren't all that shoddy, after all.

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