Tuesday, November 13, 2007

notes: falling back & [job] applications

falling back [i.e. end of daylight savings] dilemma:

Must choose between going out and running errands while it's still light out, and getting the writing-in-present-tense done. Bah. Lack of sunlight = grumpiness.
update: Writing-in-present-tense is done for the day; it feels like I've truly gotten a start on this chapter now!

I'm applying for no jobs, but:

I learned that the final selection for a singing workshop I applied to mid-September won't happen until Dec. 1. The up side is that I can stop worrying that no letter in the mailbox = delayed rejection. The down side is that I have an inkling about what applying to academic jobs must be like.


SK said...

Job applications! job applications! Miss I-can-write-in-the-present-tense-for-the-next-3-years,
how about finding -me- a job to apply for? ;)

kermitthefrog said...

In all seriousness, thinking about my soon-to-be seriously restricted freedom of movement: move first! think about job later!

Maddy said...

Fortunately I'm probably unemployable after all this time. Best to use your time constructively with all that thought.