Tuesday, February 19, 2008

nailed it!

  • Why are bullets called "bullets"? Why not "nails"?
  • I nailed an audition today, I think. Everyone in the room (two auditors? and the accompanist) seemed musically nerdy in my kind of way, or at least they all knew the musicians on my resume whom I've enjoyed working with a lot. And the director called my performance "stylish"!
  • The one bent nail, as it were, was they asked me to sightread a passage from a Britten choral work without accompaniment--it was moderately tricky and leapt around some, and I needed one re-do to get it right. For the sake of contrast, at most auditions I've been to the sightreading is much easier: early music that mainly moves in sensible intervals, with the accompanist playing all the other parts so you have a sense of the harmony. I usually read Britten mostly by where I think the harmony is going, so taking that away was at once disconcerting and kind of fun.
  • I think my three good auditions this academic year have finally offset the one bad one I had in October. I suppose it's the way of the ego that it's 3:1 despite the fact that I had plenty of excuses for the bad one (it was the afternoon of my dissertation proposal meeting, for one, and I foolishly decided to climb up a big hill to get there rather than taking the bus).
  • Now to keep my fingers crossed they'll have a soprano slot for me next season!

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luckybuzz said...

Whoohoo! Congrats on the stylish performance! :)