Sunday, April 20, 2008


Four more days until I leave for conferencing and not-quite-family visiting in sunny Californi-a. And it better be sunny, because let me tell you, I am so ready for some beach time. And maybe seeing some weird fish, because I loves me some weird fish.

Yeah, it's not actually a fish, but it sure is weird. And aquatic.

The past month has been challenging, in some familiar ways--lots of scheduled academic and musical commitments that have been enjoyable but sometimes overwhelming--and some not so familiar ones--persistent worries about a very elderly grandmother (in the hospital, recovering from a nasty fall and subsequent surgery), and fewer people than usual to step back and chill out with. And indeed, more of the same between now and Thursday: conference paper to finish, two other people's work to read, and a dress rehearsal and concert, plus hoping that the grandma is up for a visit before I leave.

So right now, California = sun, ocean, free continental breakfasts, lots of free time outside of the 2 hours/day I'm committed to conferencing, hanging out with friends both academic and bloggy, weird aquatic creatures, cable TV, bike riding with one kid, playing let's pretend with another, and peekaboo with a third, and spending time with some welcoming and friendly adults who are easy to talk to and will let me alternately help out and play the guest. And I'm hoping that even though I'm taking the redeye, I'll come back rejuvenated, and that life will be livable at more than a day-at-a-time level.


Anonymous said...

Hope California treats you right. And yay for hanging out with bloggy friends! :)

(And the sea dragon? Is *SO* my favorite sea creature. They're so freaking neat, aren't they?) :)

kermitthefrog said...

I went to see a special exhibit of them at the Baltimore aquarium, and it blew my mind... they are so cool. But the vicious-looking fish that swim in the dark, I like them too.

Belle said...

Well, have a great time in CA! Beach, sun, play... sounds wonderful.

Enjoy for me!