Tuesday, February 28, 2006

profgrrrl's student meme

From profgrrrl, which student were you? This meme made me realize that I kind of like remembering myself as a kid, even though I could be self-righteously annoying sometimes.

Extremely flattered and pleased by the extra assignments my teacher gave me, especially the smart kid reading assessment test (I have no idea what it actually was) that required me to read lists of progressively harder words aloud. When I messed up three out of a given list of twelve, the test ended. Somewhere, my parents have a cassette tape of me doing this.

Elementary School
Decided I was bad at any sports that involved coordination. Resented being foisted off to help other kids when I finished classwork instead of reading under my desk. Got interested in piano and singing.

Middle School
Pretended I could make friends with the cool kids by joining the basketball team (that only lasted one year). Possibly could have made friends with them by not being so unhappy and frustrated all the time about not doing anything interesting in school. Had two happy summers at nerd camp.

High School
Switched schools, and immediately became happier. Made friends with the music and theater kids, and because of those kids managed to get through four years of a pretty competitive and half-snobby private school without feeling the competition or snobbiness too harshly. Remained (in hindsight) fascinatingly ingenuous.

Super diligent, but didn't become really invested in any of my coursework until senior year, when I started researching my thesis. Instead, I was friends with a bunch of guys, mostly - scientists and mathematicians - who ran around, drank, did funny math and science-y things. They thought it was weird that I studied "literature." Those professors whom I encountered in seminars probably thought I was earnest, a fine writer, not very intellectually sophisticated.

Grad School

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