Thursday, May 25, 2006

bullets of Wednesday

  • One of my recently-moved-in housemates and his girlfriend brought blueberry coffee with them, from the coffee shop where she works, and made it twice in my coffee-maker. I hadn't known this before, but blueberry coffee is incredibly disgusting. I actually wrote them a note on the kitchen whiteboard prohibiting it from the coffee-maker (way to be welcoming!) AND de-scaled the coffee-maker because the smell was making me want to throw up. Other flavored coffees I can stand, but this particular combination, no way.
  • I've been reading one of those Large Philosophers whose name can be adjectivized and whose influence is all over modern "theory." And I love it -- I love recognizing things I've read in other, worse contexts in this work, and knowing that I'm getting the source of those things here. And I especially love the righteous anger that I feel when I realize that none of the professors who assigned those other works bothered to invite us (me) to read this Large Philosopher himself. Funny thing is, one of my departmental exams focused on theory, but the piece that was on it by this LP was not nearly as helpful as this would have been in terms of conceptual background or usable tools. I'm glad I took the initiative here.
  • My German for Reading Knowledge (henceforth GfRK) class includes a few mathematicians, philosophers, historians, etc. It's refreshing to realize that there are even bigger nerds in the academy. Hell, my department seems positively cosmopolitan chic compared to the math guys. :)

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luckybuzz said...

I used to be a fan of flavored coffee, and I love, love, love blueberries, but even I think that blueberry coffee is a bad idea.