Thursday, May 25, 2006

Green books

Just a note that all of the books I'm reading right now are green. To go with my blog-alter-ego's skin color, perhaps.

This and this are for an independent reading course I'm taking over the first summer session (the latter is more blue-green, I suppose). This biggie will soon follow. (If you're wondering who the Large Philosopher was in my last post, these will give it away.)

And for light reading, Patricia Highsmith's A Game for the Living, a very engaging mystery of the sort I enjoy - you're not expected to be puzzling out the clues in your own head and solving the crime before any of the characters, at least not so far. The reader's just along for the ride, and Highsmith speeds you along skillfully.

My German reading textbook is not, unfortunately, green. But I did just translate a passage featuring my favorite German word, Bärenbabys (=baby bears), so all is forgiven.

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