Thursday, June 22, 2006

Overzealousness loses again

I freaked out a few days ago when I saw a grease spot (from cooking delicious spicy food, but still) on one of my favorite T-shirts (brown, short short sleeves) last week. I raced down to the basement where the laundry is and rubbed stain stick on the spot, then put it in my laundry bag to wash. In preparation for the NY trip, I did laundry this afternoon, and when I took the shirt out of the dryer, the stain was gone!

But there were two other spots that I hadn't seen in my haste to treat the other spot. The shirt's still wearable - they're near the bottom -

but why can I not manage to cook without getting flecks on me?

and why, given that I know this is true, have I not yet invested in a full-body apron?

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