Monday, July 03, 2006

overheard (disturbing)

Today I headed to the bank to deposit a check - I paused outside to swipe my card, since it was Sunday, and saw two people inside, using the ATM space for an argument. A man, facing me, was talking loudly; he was wearing sunglasses but I'd put him in his early-mid 20's. A woman of 15 or 16 was facing him. When I walked in, he apologized and they headed out the door, but I could still hear his speech through the glass:

I caught something about "Adam..." "... because he made you that way," and then, as I was dreading, the kicker: "If you don't have this baby, you can't be my girl."

They walked away; I just shuddered. I hope the girl (woman) breaks up with that guy, whether or not she has the baby.

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luckybuzz said...

Oh, that really is disturbing. Eeesh.