Sunday, July 02, 2006

sympathizing through gift-giving (a photo post)

My mom's birthday is coming up in a week -- it's a big one, and she'd been planning a family trip to see


for a long, long time. Medical issues within the family have forced us to cancel, so not only is my August wide-open (I'm thinking about going here)

but my mom's also feeling down. How can a birthday present make up for a lost vacation? She's specifically requested something pretty and frivolous -- I was thinking of something like these (the blue necklace, in particular)

since jewelry is always easier to buy (at least for me) than clothes. Any thoughts? Recommendations of stores in Manhattan that carry beautiful frivolous items for under $100?


Jenny D said...

The blue one is pretty--I have no good present suggestions, I only get excited about buying people books (tho it is true in the days before I realized that my family members were just going to have to suck it up and take the books, I used to get quite good things at the gift shop at the Met and also the Moma design store in midtown)--but a book you MUST get her if she is regretting not having a trip to Africa is a truly wonderful, wonderful (but with a tragic ending, don't get it if the family health stuff is making everyone emotionally fragile) A PRIMATE'S MEMOIR by Robert Sapolsky. One of my favorite books ever. Truly excellent.

kermitthefrog said...

Thanks for the rec -- I might hold off until things are a little less fraught around the trip, but it's good to have books in your pocket, so to speak!