Thursday, October 26, 2006

sapphire bullets of pure love

  • There are currently four different bags and several piles of stuff sitting in my room right now, waiting to be unpacked/sorted. Tomorrow I pack another bag (or rather, re-pack my briefcase and small backpack) and head back to New York for the weekend. I just came back from New York yesterday. I probably won't get back there until Thanksgiving (boyfriend will come down here instead), and I'm glad I'm going, since I miss the city. But gee, sometimes I wish I had one house (or apartment) and one city to call home.
  • Speaking of one house, remember my extremely nice but crazy vegan landlords, who have tattoos of the house on their legs? Yeah, the house next door, which shares a wall with this one, is going on the market (wait a minute! Academics go on the market! But... houses do also? Brain cannot compute.). My landlords are making a serious effort to buy it. ANOTHER HOUSE. Why? I have NO IDEA. They already live in this one, as well as rent out several bedrooms. All I know is if they buy it many changes will happen - some roommates here may go next door to live there, while new people might move into this house. I'm advocating for a giant water-slide to be installed in a spiral down from the third to the first floor, since what the hell else they're hoping to do I cannot say. Perhaps make a hostel for recent college graduates/friends of theirs, since those have been their tenants so far. Did I mention these landlords are 24 years old?
  • I am worried that I'm teaching MWF again next semester without ever being asked for my input. Plus: less need to restructure the class for a 2 day/week schedule. Minus: No long weekends to visit New York.
  • The title of this post is a song reference; I'm not that crazy or that lyrical.

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Anonymous said...

Now I'm obsessed with the water slide idea. Coooool. :)

But 24 year old landlords would make me nervous.