Monday, December 11, 2006

Items for the week

I am not usually one to post to-do lists online, particularly because mine tend to include items like "re-pot plant" (oops, still haven't done that) and "do laundry" alongside "donuts" (for the last day of class) and call numbers of library books to check out. But I have two big goals (almost wrote "gaols" there - big surprise) for the week:
  • Write a 12-15 page seminar paper
  • Grade 16 student portfolios, and write brief comments about each one
    • Select two essays from those portfolios to nominate for publication in a first-year writing magazine
The reason why I'm calling them "goals" is because neither is officially due by the end of the week, but I'm trying to finish up this semester's projects by Friday, which is the start of a weekend of performances and then (hopefully) vacation. And when I write them out like that, they don't seem all that daunting - it's just the limited hours-per-day (because of rehearsals and such) is preemptively scaring me.

Off to work on that paper.

UPDATE: another goal: learn German. I took a "German for Reading" class this past summer, and I've sung a lot in German, so I know a fair amount of vocab. But a friend loaned me her first-year German textbook (complete with CD) so I can learn helpful phrases like "How much does this beer cost?" and "Two doner kebabs, please" in preparation for my New Year's trip to Berlin. Tschuess!

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