Saturday, December 02, 2006

mid-party blogging

My party is *swinging*. It is 2 a.m. and there are still a good 20-25 people around. I've run out of food, except for cheese and a few crackers. Drinks are still flowing.

But I am taking a brief breather from the socializing, up in my room, and wanted to note that people seem to really appreciate mingling with other folks from outside their academic (or other) sphere. This year is the first time I've been able to provide such an atmosphere - combining my housemates with school friends with musicians (still in school, but in a different field) with random friends-of-friends who have shown up. This is what the dorky grad student minglers hosted by the school actually should be like, but never will be.

Brought to you by many typos (carefully deleted and re-typed, of course), courtesy of PBR. Now back to the party.

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luckybuzz said...

Sounds like a great party--gotta love the PBR-fueled blogging! :)