Monday, February 05, 2007

notes on TV watching (plus boring lists)

Work-related things I've accomplished today
  • Filled out and submitted a grade-change form for last semester
  • Posted flyers for a talk tomorrow in two buildings
  • Taught a class (admittedly horrible, but thinking about the reasons why it went horribly has been pedagogically insightful)
  • Assigned check/check-plus marks to my students' Blackboard responses up to now
  • Read material for class Thursday
  • Posted email response to Thursday's material that involved writing a fun poem
  • Avoided picking a guest up at the airport tomorrow (important for tomorrow's sanity)
Other things I've accomplished today
  • Ate breakfast and small lunch; remembered to buy milk
  • Walked back and forth to campus in the cold (glad not to have taken public trans, but gotten a bit of exercise)
  • Talked to my mom - rather depressing on my end because I haven't been feeling excited about anything enough to report about it in detail to her
  • blogged
Still to do today
  • prep/cook dinner (leftovers with rice)
  • Choose and start one book from my exam list
  • watch Six Feet Under on DVD*
*a note about current TV-watching status: extremely absorbed in season 2 of Battlestar Galactica; however, am watching with boyfriend, which means only on weekends. So I have to wait until Friday for season 2.5 to find out what happens with Admiral Caine and the confrontation between two large ships. This show is getting more and more like Patrick O'Brien's Jack Aubrey novels, which I enjoy tremendously, in its examination of the manifestations of naval power, hierarchically and laterally, and the different types of authority that can be wielded on board ships. BUT, because BG is weekend-only, I am concurrently watching season 3 of Six Feet Under, which belongs to a roommate. This has not yet resulted in dreams in which I confuse Claire the sensitive artist woman on 6FU with Starbuck the badass artist woman on BG, but I am waiting for the day.


Jane Dark said...

Ah, you are caught into the BSG mania as well. I will look forward to when you are caught up and watching the new episodes (though I understand and admire your current restraint).

kermitthefrog said...

Weeell, the whole "watching new episodes" thing isn't going to happen soon (no cable). Unless I move in 3 weeks and get cable, which is a whole other complicated story I'll possibly have to explain soon.

Jane Dark said...


The complicated move sounds, well, complicated, so I'll just wish you good luck.