Monday, February 05, 2007

Countdown meme

From Luckybuzzz, whose version of this meme I (mostly) filled out last night.

10 Firsts
1. First best friend: Laura, since second (first?) grade, who still runs into my mom at the diner in our hometown, to the delight of at least my mom. She's still a good friend.
2. First car: Again, still my car. The hand-me-down '96 Camry has gone back and forth between my sister and me for quite a few years.
3. First love: Er, also a boy named Scott. Also blond haired and blue eyed, with a nice soprano voice.
4. First vacation: Cape Cod, with the parents.
5. First job: Probably mother's helper-ing for the mom of my sister's best friend. I just remember watching my sister and her friend playing Ninja Turtles in the living room.
6. First piercing: Ears, 4th grade, at the local jewelry shop.
7. First concert: Ergh. Is it possible that it might have been D@ve M@tthews? Ergh. Does classical music count? My parents took me to hear the Jupiter Symphony (which I strongly disliked) when I was 10 or so.
8. First record/CD bought: A cassette, in fact: Madonna, Immaculate Collection.
9. First real love: The first person I ever said "I love you" to was my high school boyfriend, but I don't know if I'd call that "real love" in retrospect.
10. First screen name: I still use a variant for passwords, so can't say... it's a combination of my first name, middle name, and day of birth.

9 Latest
1. Latest alcoholic beverage: A freaking intense "Old Fisherman's Ale" (10% alcohol; quadruple Belgian ale that was dessert in itself) earlier this evening. Probably responsible for my doing this meme at all.
2. Latest car ride: Coming back from drinking... er... bad Kermit! 'Twas only the one beer.
3. Latest movie watched: Eraserhead, last weekend. Brilliant; not for the parentally inclined.
4. Latest phone call made: To my choir conductor.
5. Latest jacuzzi bath: Are you kidding? In my dreams...
6. Latest played CD: Just listened to Ella Fitzgerald on the radio, singing "Cry Me a River." Love her, love the song, just love it.
7. Latest time you cried: Same as "lamest time you cried"; teared up while watching Gray's Anatomy earlier today.
8. Latest meal: 1/2 an acorn squash; 2 pieces bread and cheese.
9. Latest curse: see previous blog entry.

8 Things You Wear
1. Contact lenses
2. rectangular tortoiseshell barrette
3. black boots
4. brown winter jacket with furry hood
5. fuzzy socks
6. watch, only on teaching days
7. bike helmet
8. wool pants

7 Have You Ever

1. Dated one of your best friends: yup
2. Been arrested: no, and I'm fine with keeping it that way
3. Fallen in love at first sight: perhaps with my first cat?
4. Been in a TV program: my elementary school choir got on the Today Show
5. Had your heart broken: not in a really devastating way
6. Said you love someone without meaning it: I believe so, in the context of a friendship in which the other person was much more effusive.
7. Made a prank phone call: Yes... I remember a girl who I only saw at a few family get-togethers (I have no idea now who she was), but we'd go into an empty bedroom and call up random numbers. Later, I pretended to be a dial-a-mattress or a Time/Life books salesperson with some friends.

6 Things You've Done Today
1. Said goodbye to boyfriend until Friday
2. Made/drank delicious coffee
3. Read most of a sci-fi novel
4. Left my car keys in the ignition, with the car running
5. Played with cute cats
6. Sang, at rehearsal

5 Favorite Things
(I'll go strictly with "things," rather than people, on this one.)
1. My "teaching briefcase," that makes me look all professional
2. Vacuum-sealed coffee thermos
3. Cookbooks
4. Warm gloves
5. Good public transportation

4 People I Can Tell Anything
Y'all don't know any of those people... I mean, I could write their names, but what would that mean? Sorry.

3 Choices
1. Black or white? Black, for clothes. White, for curtains.
2. Winter or summer? Summer, jerks. Thanks for rubbing it in that it's like 3 degrees out.
3. Chocolate or chips? CHOCOLATE CHIPS!

2 Things to do Before you Die
1. See all David Lynch's movies. In the upcoming months, preferably.
2. I've always assumed I'll have kids, though that seems like an overly serious answer to this question.

1 Thing You Regret
1. Not being more upfront during the (very) early stages of my current relationship

Something you could do an infinite number of times:
Take the same hikes in the woods, at different seasons.


luckybuzz said...

"Good public transportation"

Amen. And I am on the hunt for an awesome teaching briefcase too...

kermitthefrog said...

unfortunately for us grad students, mine was a gift from parents; I otherwise wouldn't have been able to afford it (it's sturdy and leather).

maybe Salvation Armies, though?