Thursday, April 12, 2007

Proud/not proud

Things I'm proud of in the past week:
  • Talking semi-coherently with the acting grad director of my program about my upcoming exam
  • Finalizing my exam list
  • Developing the suggestion of an idea for a final project for the seminar I'm taking
  • Emailing a student suggesting that getting a note from Student Health to prove (s)he's been pretty sick might actually be for his/her own good, since it would involve getting, you know, checked on by a doctor (tricky, eh?)
  • Socializing happily with four different groups of people (high school friends- subset of boyfriend's friends - subsets #1 and 2 of current grad school friends)
Things I'm not proud of:
  • Still haven't finalized a date for my exam
  • Unable to sit at my computer and work for more than 15 minutes without distraction (this is my goal for this afternoon, in fact).
  • Not being willing/able to turn down chance to socialize even when I know it's to excess (example: going out last night after rehearsal, which makes a fifth social event this week)
It's typical end-of-semester blues for me, tempered by giddy exaltation at the fact that as long as I can get through the next month, I'll be off a semester schedule entirely (writing, no teaching).

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KM said...

Almost there, Kermit! You can do it... :-)