Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Books: buy or borrow?

My friend O. has four neat bookshelves. Each shelf is devoted to an author or topic that's clear at first sight, mainly because she owns all of these books: they're in their original bindings, rows of New Directions or Palgrave neatly aligned.

On the other hand, I have several indistinguishable shelves of mustard- and clay-colored library bindings. Because I'm cheap, and because I hate buying books I'm not sure I'll need, but then once I have them out of the library, why buy them? Although that then presents a challenge when it comes to note-taking: Word files? Looseleaf paper? Sticky notes? I don't have a consistent method.

How about you? And do you have different policies for "work books" and "fun books"?

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jane dark said...

I think I should qualify my answer a little...I can't buy a lot of the books I want (at least, not new), but I haunt the used bookstores to find them at reasonable prices.

The only problem I have with borrowing is that I can be really awful about returning things on time, hence fines.

Nice to see you posting again!ht