Wednesday, September 26, 2007

To my neighbors: three letters

Dear upstairs neighbor,

Every time I start practicing, the floorboards creak above my head. I hope you're moving into another room because you don't want to be distracted by Bach, not because you detest the singing. Although even if you do: get used to it.


Dear first-floor-window occupants,

Please open your window again so your cat can stare out onto the courtyard. He is cute, and I would like to make his acquaintance (and yours--from the size of your apartment, I'm pretty sure you're grad students too).


Dear mysterious young man,

We've nodded to each other for around five years now. When I leave the building, you're sitting out on the stoop, having a cigarette. Sometimes you look miserable, and we ignore each other; sometimes you're more relaxed, and we smile and say hello. If it's living with your parents that's getting you down: sorry, man. For all it's worth, they seem nice. So do you. Here's to another year of anonymity.

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