Wednesday, October 24, 2007

meme of 4

Dr. Brazen Hussy has sparked a resurgence of the 4-meme.

Four First Names of Crushes I’ve Had

1. Scott
2. Ben
3. John
4. Seth [gee, how boring]

Four Pieces of Clothing I wish I still owned

1. All the sunglasses I've lost over the years
2. Ditto umbrellas
3. Maroon wool hat with fleecy lining
4. ? I really don't regret moving past the fashions of the '80s and '90s.

Four names I’ve been called at one time or another

1. [Lastname]
2. Kermie/Kerm
3. Pieface
4. [Kermit L.] (I have such a common first name, for my generation, that there were 4 others in my kindergarten class. For a while, I even referred to myself with my last initial.]

Four Professions I secretly Want to Try

1. restaurant critic
2. homemaker
3. arts administrator
4. Supreme Court justice

Four Musicians I’d most want to go on a date with

1. my boyfriend
2. Terminal Degree (a friend-date?)
3. Hugh Laurie
4. Q-Tip

Four Foods I’d rather Throw than Eat

1. Bitter melon
2. Bananas (plain)
3. Doritos
4. Any carbonated drink sweetened with corn syrup
Bonus!: Tonic water. I disliked gin and tonics for the longest time before I realized I actually do like gin, and hate tonic.

Four Things I Like to Sniff

1. Coffee
2. Stinky cheese
3. Whatever I'm cooking
4. Fall leaves scuffed on the sidewalk

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luckybuzz said...

Oooh, fall leaves on the sidewalk. Awesome. :)

andey said...

Well memes beat gym issues...