Wednesday, October 31, 2007


  • The grumpiness that always kicks in before a writing stint has kicked in. The result being that I've been moody and distant and only feeling like watching TV all afternoon. The cause being this thing, which is starting tomorrow and for which I must provide myself with necessary appurtenances, buttons and counters and the like. Whatever, I don't know how to put buttons around, so just the counter. See? I just used the word "whatever."
  • But! I received a fun book (which I've read) and its sequel (which I haven't) in the mail today! Not to mention I finally caved into the Amazon 4-for-3 deal on books under $7.99.
  • Every year for my birthday I usually get one "nice" present from my parents ("nice" meaning of higher quality than I'd typically buy for myself). This year it's going to be a saute pan. Anyone fastidious enough about kitchenware to give a recommendation? I've visited this site for hints, but any personal experiences would be appreciated.
  • Now I have to put a counter on my sidebar. Grr.

1 comment:

luckybuzz said...

Nice word counter. :)

I'm totally stressed about the writing. Glad we're all in this together. :)