Monday, December 10, 2007

A few questions about writing, citation, and aesthetics

  • What does it mean that I'm considering the chapter as it stands to be a placeholder for a similarly-structured, but entirely different, more sophisticated argument, that exists only nebulously in my head?
  • More practically, how long will it take to turn the former into the latter? (edited to add: uggh, after today's work I'm not sure I have such a firm structure after all)
  • How much revision will I get done if I print out the chapter as it stands a week from now, and take it with me on vacation to visit family for the holidays?
  • Why do graduate students in literature departments sometimes use MLA, sometimes Chicago citation style? Aren't we all "supposed to" use MLA? Which means that footnotes don't contain bibliographic information?
  • What makes Book Antiqua font so purty?

1 comment:

SK said...

the answers to #2 and #3 are, not that much time, and ABSOLUTELY NONE. The other three questions are much too profound for me.