Sunday, March 02, 2008

fill in the blanks

Luckybuzz has be-memed me with an appealingly nameless set of fill in the blank questions.

1. I can’t believe I’ve never…

seen Psycho.

2. Every time I think about … I still cringe.

the time in eighth grade when, in an attempt to act cool, I made fun of a classmate in a piece of fiction writing and read it out loud in class

3. I wish I’d …when I had the chance.

broken up with my high school boyfriend over the phone (as opposed to not discouraging him from traveling to see me)

4. I’ve never felt so out of place as when I…

got on the train in Tokyo wearing a t-shirt and shorts.

5. … is/are my guiltiest pleasure.


6. I hope … knows how grateful I am for …

my boyfriend... his convincing me to eat fruits

7. In my darkest hours, I secretly blame … for my dysfunction.


8. … changed my life forever.

Autocratic male choir directors

LB tagged 5 people, but I think a bunch of people who comment here regularly aren't big on memes, and I haven't really been keeping track with sitemeter of who else is reading. So if you enjoy the meme, I offer it with pleasure.


luckybuzz said...

Your number 6 made me laugh. I just wasn't expecting that second part. :)

kermitthefrog said...

Every so often, he'll say to me, "Aren't you so glad I convinced you to like fruit?" And I will admit that yes, I am so glad. :)

Belle said...

You didn't like fruit? Really? Amazing. My second favorite food group (next to chocolate).