Tuesday, March 11, 2008

psyching myself up!

Let's pretend that tomorrow, instead of being annoyingly filled with transportation, is an exciting opportunity!

First, I'll have all of a 2-hour bus ride to reread Cane. I won't be distracted by noodling around on the computer, so I'll be taking my time and reading carefully. Or else, if it's nice out, gazing at the New Jersey chemical fields landscape.

I'll get to campus. Be able to check books out from my very own university library instead of importuning others to extend me their borrowing privileges. Browse the over-heated stacks. Practice in a soundproof practice room instead of bothering my neighbors in my apartment. Eat cheap, convenient and healthy lunch from a food truck.

(have a long long meeting about who to interview for grad student training positions. shhh, forget this is happening, although it's the only reason I'm actually going to campus)

Use the return 2-hour bus ride to finish Cane, if necessary, and/or keep reading Wizard of the Crow, which is a good good read.

Get home and eat (hopefully delicious, hasn't been made yet) leftover pork and rice and veggies.

That almost sounds like a livable day.


luckybuzz said...

Doesn't sound like a bad day! (Hopefully the part in little print will be quicker and more painless than you expect.)

kermitthefrog said...

Oooh, we'll see... I'm not holding my breath. Update on this part to follow, potentially.