Wednesday, March 12, 2008

yesterday's prophecy fulfilled, tomorrow's written

6 hours of travel (door to door)

6 hours on campus

41 applications discussed in the (surprisingly efficient)

1.75-hour meeting

4 books checked out of the library (as opposed to only

1 returned; must work on the ratio here)

1 large serving of tofu meatballs on rice and veggies for lunch + 1 serving of pork and veggies and more pork and veggies and rice for dinner = lots of rice

bonus prophecy:

around 180
people in my high school graduating class, according to the class list that arrived with a save-the-date for my reunion

~ 10% are people I have any interest in seeing

chance I'll go anyway, because it's convenient and I'm at least slightly curious whether the guy who owns a brewery will offer to cater. Mmm, free beer.


SK said...

Dude. By reunion, do you mean TENTH reunion?
you're old.

luckybuzz said...

My 20th (uh, I said TWENTIETH) high school reunion is apparently coming up. But I would say I'm interested in what happened to about 1% of my graduating class, and interested in seeing 0% of them.

The tofu meatballs & rice & veggies sounds awesome.

kermitthefrog said...

Ah, am I too old, or am I a mere babe? Alas, my self-image is in a whirl...

One important thing to factor in is that it seems likely 2 of my good friends will be there. Plus one of them is seriously dating another member of our high school class (this happened only a couple years ago), so hopefully that'll freak people out.