Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Some changes

I haven't decided to live at the beach, as one commenter suggested, although North Carolina provided some solid reasons to stay there -- beaches protected by the parks service, surrounded by grassy dunes and featuring waves of appropriate sizes to jump through, swim under, etc. while feeling only slightly menaced at all times; fresh fish for sale and a pretty well-stocked kitchen to cook them in (I had never heard of a fish called "wahoo," (!) but it resembles swordfish to look at and mahi mahi to taste); weather that was warm without being oppressive.

Troubles started when we returned from the beach and started a nomadic existence that we are living to this day. Feel free to skip the overly detailed explanation: when we thought we were going on safari, we sublet the apartment in New York -- the one I lived in for a year and where my boyfriend still lives. When the trip was cancelled, it meant that we could go to the wedding of one of my boyfriend's college roommates, also in New York, but we now no longer had a place to stay. So the past few weeks have seen us in New York City proper, Philadelphia, a New York suburb with my parents, western Mass., and back in the 'burbs again, where we are now. Future August engagements for the traveling muppets include Baltimore and Philadelphia again.

Switching locations every 5 days or so is a psychological pain in the ass. It contributes to the feeling of being on vacation and not responsible for any academic work (both plus and minus), which in its turn doesn't create many opportunities to sit down at the computer. In truth, there are times I've missed it and times I haven't cared a whit. But I've missed it more than I haven't, which I take as a sign that I'll keep on blogging as we move into the fall.

With a few minor changes. I'm lapsing the anonymity to the extent that, while I won't provide my full name, I may include pertinent details about location, travels, etc. that will reveal to anyone with interest and a little tenacity who I am. If I'm going to invest something of myself in these writings, I don't want to constantly think about whether or not I'm compromising my identity. It may come back to bite me in the ass, but with a rather intense fall coming up, maintaining strict self-control on my own blog is not something I can invest in.

I've been trying to keep up with blogs, but haven't been commenting, for lack of privacy and time. I'll try to say a more personal "Hello, I'm back" in the next week or so.

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SK said...

Don't worry too much about the anonymity is what I say. There are so many ways to stalk someone that going by way of a blog just isn't worth the bother. Besides, it's not like you're writing about that super-secret underground plot we're hatching against the government... oh whoops. : )